Holistic Massage

3 Day Course

With Nicole Becker

Do you remember the last time you changed someone's whole day? It's probably been a while, hasn't it?

Selfless love the most genuine form of making the world a better place. Now imagine yourself with the ability to dissolve stress, purify one's soul, and unleash the full potential of life force energy within the human body, all with your own two hands. You have immense potential let me show you how to use it. No, this is not a dream

— it's the reality of our upcoming 3-Day Course:

This massage training will provide certified holistic instruction to enable beginners to work towards a professional massage practise.

Holistic Massage is defined as a form of massage that recognises the “whole person” by both its acknowledgement of the whole body ie. not just working on “problem areas” in isolation, and also by its recognition and respect for the whole person, on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

This is a short course and will be incomplete just by its brief nature. Students will undoubtedly benefit from further training, but the skills acquired in this course will allow you to provide a competent basic massage and obtain professional indemnity insurance so that you can begin offering paid sessions to gain confidence and experience, and finance your future training. Ongoing mentoring is available to graduates.

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