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Discover a wide array of holistic, luxurious and alternative health services aimed at restoring balance to The Body, Spirit and Mind.

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Alternative healing, bringing you wellness and balance

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What Needs Work?


"I want real-life changes by reprogramming and evolving my mindset."

+ Optimize mental performance.

+ Transform fears/phobias.

+ Implement beliefs that attract love, money, health and happiness.

Bowen Therapy

Fast, effective relief from muscular and joint pain.

"I want to improve my body's physical condition."

Holistic Massage

"I want complete tranquility and nurturing on all levels."

Energy-Work, Spiritual Healing

"I want to feel clear in my energy, and increase the flow of life force energy."

+ Emotional Healing & Growth

+ Improved Relationships

+ Potential Spiritual Awakenings

+ Distance Healings

———— Feel the difference

Holistic Techniques

Over 20 different techniques Refined over 30 years.

Discover the Most Effective and Soothing Experience.

———— Feel the difference

Holistic Health

Over 25 years of practice Nicole has trained in multiple healing modalities and developed her own. The common thread in all therapies offered is that they are a SHORT CUT and give fast results.

The Premium Experience

Intensive VIP Getaway

The VIP Intensive Getaway is designed for a one day breakthrough! We will achieve almost 6-weeks worth of transformational sessions in a single day.

Spiritual Activation Massage

This Massage is designed for spiritual transformation through a combination of multiple modalities tailored to you.


Discover our unique guided meditations, online courses, and workshops for Holistic massage. Join the waitlist and Stay tuned!

What Do Our Clients Say?

What Do Our Clients Say?

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